Halloween 2010

We had our ward Trunk-or-Treat on Saturday October 30, 2010, and the kids had a total blast. Jared went as an Army man, complete with camouflage face paint. The fatigues that he wore were his grandpa Christiansen's, which was pretty cool.

I went as a witch with orange and black striped tights, orange and black fake eyelashes that went on forever [those were Jamie's favorite part, always the girlie girl :0)], and spray painted black hair. It took almost 2 full cans of that hair color spray because my hair is so thick and even then we didn't get it all covered.
Spencer went as "Skullzore". He had his hair done really wild and painted jet black. We also painted his face gray and black. At 10-years-old, he is really into the scary part of Halloween or maybe its just a boy thing.

Jamie was going to go as a princess but changed her mind that afternoon and decided to go as a fairy. It was a really good thing that I had all of the stuff needed to complete a fairy costume at home already [thanks for the tulle tutu mom, you are a life saver].

Jacob went as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. We painted the tip of his little nose black and drew some whiskers on his cheeks. The cool thing about his costume [besides all the ladies telling him how cute he was and him getting shy and laying his head on my shoulder] is that Spencer wore it when he was 2-years-old, Jamie wore it when she was 7-months-old, and now Jacob wore it at 10-months-old. The costume is a size 18 months and when Spencer wore it, it fit him perfectly. When Jamie wore it, it was way too big for her and I had to pad her with extra thick sweats underneath [it was really cold that year]. When Jacob wore it, sadly enough, it barely fit him, he is really tall. I am going to be really sad to have to retire this costume now.

Being that is was a "Trunk"-or-Treat, we decorated the back of the van. We put black plastic table cloths draped from the ceiling to the floor to block off the front part of the van. I had some Halloween lights that my awesome mother-in-law, Arlene, gave me that we were able to use. They are kind of like a strand of Christmas lights except that each tiny bulb is covered with a plastic pumpkin on one strand and a plastic ghost on the other strand. We hung one strand on either side of the open trunk. I had some Jack-O-Lanterns made out of wax that you can put a tea light candle inside to make them glow. We put them in the back also with candles inside them. I wanted to put some tombstones in the van too and make it look like a cemetery [thanks for the awesome suggestion aunt Robynn] but I ended up not having enough time to make them. To finish it up, we had some spooky Halloween music playing on the stereo. It turned out pretty good but, if they do it again next year, I want to really put some extra time and effort into it to have the best trunk there. :0)

At the end of the night, Spencer said to me that the coolest part of the whole night [besides the obvious...CANDY] was the fact that Jared and I dressed up too. He said that we should do that every year. The fact that it made him so happy, having me and his dad dressed up too, made it completely worth it to me. Overall, it was a really good family night for us and I am already looking forward to next year.


Greatest Christmas Present Ever!

This year for Christmas we got the greatest gift ever, a little boy named Jacob Christopher Barnes. He was born on December 21st at 8:23 am. He weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and was 20 inches long. We expected him to have the same skin and hair color as his brother and sister, very white and very blonde. However, we were pleasantly surprised when our youngest son was born with dark hair and dark skin just like his dad has. He and his mother are doing very well and we are all very happy that he is finally here.


Yay for Moms!

I have to give a huge shout out to my mother. She, unselfishly, offered to take care of me and my kids for 2 weeks because I am still on bed-rest and Spencer is off track from school. She is so awesome! She has put up with me being grouchy (mostly from excessive boredom, and pain from my still dislocated pelvis), my 3 year old who is the busiest child I know, and my 9 year old who keeps teasing her. She has made sure that my kids are not only well taken care of but that they are happy and have things to do. She has also helped me to have activities to keep me busy and has endured many hours of talking to me to keep my mind off my current situation. She is so good to us and I just wanted everyone to know how amazing she really is.



Just a Little Something

So, as many of you know, we had a pretty busy summer. Fall is looking even busier, but things are pretty good for us.

~Spencer is currently in Cub Scouts and Karate. He loves them both and is doing very well in both. He also has a 4-wheeler that he rides every chance he gets. Jared and I set the rule that he has to have all his homework done before he can go for a ride, thus virtually eliminated the daily war when homework time rolls around and making us very happy. ;) He is doing really well in school and is testing at the top of his class. He is even in some accelerated classes that his school offers. We are so proud of him!!!

~Jamie is getting so big now. She is growing out of all her clothes and has started opening up a lot more. She talks all the time whether there is someone there to listen or not. She is the busiest kid I have ever known. She isn't necessarily a trouble-maker; she just has an unlimited amount of curiosity, which keeps me pretty busy as well. She loves playing with Chester. She has figured out that she can boss him around all she wants and he can’t get mad at her, and will still play with her. ;) She is such a happy kid all the time and makes all of us very happy too.

As for Jared and I, we are just doing our best to keep up with our kids. Well, at least Jared is. He has to be both the dad and mom right now because I am on bed-rest per doctor's orders. I have been having contractions for several weeks now and the doctor thinks that is a bad thing (who knew. lol). Needless to say he wants me in bed, hopefully, to cook Jacob a little longer ;). I have been in bed for 3 weeks now and am going a little crazy. With any luck, the contractions will stop or at least not come so often and I will be released from bed-rest soon. I know that once I reach 30 weeks, he will likely change my treatment to medication and rest but not complete bed rest. Needless to say, I am counting down the days.

Jared is so good to help with the kids, house, and taking care of me. He has brought me movies, video games, and ideas of things to do to help me pass the time. I know that he is overwhelmed but he never complains and I really appreciate all that he does for our family and especially me. Thank you honey, you are AMAZING!!!


Well, I am on a roll with these new posts!!
Here are some more pictures of our trip.

The Little Grand Canyon,

Jamie and Celeste,

our camp site,

Heather and Jamie (we found out, it's not just car rides that put kids to sleep!)

We had to tie Jamie to Heather so she wouldn't fall off!

Our 10 days of fun in the sun!

We filled the van with tents, sleeping bags, two ice chests of food, guns and hooked on the 4-wheelers and from May 29-June 7 took a road trip. Here is the path we took. ABQ through Gallup, Flagstaff, back and forth across Utah and Arizona around Page, Colorado City, Hurricane, Leeds, Richfield, 20 mile dirt road, back down the 20 mile dirt road, Green River, Moab, Monticello, Shiprock NM, back to Gallup and then home! It was a lot of fun!
We spent five days in Leeds with my dad. We went water skiing and swimming, 4-wheeling, took my dad to WalMart and the store didn't collapse, visited with family (Ronald and Susan and Fam and Merrill and his fam) ran into some friends (Nathan, Brent, Jenny, and Ron and Pauline Fowlks).
While at my Dad's, our "Yo quiero Taco Bell" dog, Kujo, decided he didn't like Jamie, so we decided we didn't like him. We called the humane society in Hurricane and they gave us the name of a family looking for a small dog, the ironic part is Kujo wasn't very fond of men, and the guy who answered the door was a 300lb Tongan/Somoan, but I am sure he is fine! lol.
On Thurday, we loaded up again and went to the dirt road, mentioned above, which took us to almost the middle of nowhere Utah! Haven't heard of it? I can send you a map! Here we met up with Jason/Heidi and fam, Ron and Sue, Bryan/Heidi and fam, and Mike/Johanna and fam. It was a good time! Other than going deaf from the most obnoxious, big, ugly, uncoordinated bugs I have ever seen! We did more 4-wheeling, sight seeing, and visiting with family around the fire. This should be a monthly ritual!

Breaking News: You don't need good eye sight to become a college Professor!

So one night after a long day at work, I walk out to my still new bike and notice a sticky note flapping in the wind on the gas tank. It wasn't until after I read the note, that said "Please come to the Security office", that I realized half of my clutch lever, signal light, mirror and paint were scattered on the ground! Apparently, the onsite Strayer University professor was in a hurry when he walked passed my bike, jumped in his F-150, backed out turning immediately and knocked my bike off the kick stand! At least he had the decency to notify the security desk, even though there are cameras all over the place! To make a long story short, after $1600 in damages, I got it fixed, with about a remaining $400 credit at the bike shop!